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ShareDydd works with local people and organisations to host, support and mentor destitute asylum seekers.

We are a network of individuals hosting destitute asylum seekers in the South Wales area. This spare-rooms network, ‘ShareDYDD’ is modelled on the long running Swansea-based project ‘SHARETawe’.

We don’t turn people away from our support projects if they are not asylum seekers, and have worked with people from all backgrounds to find them places to stay. We do, however, recognise the unique situation that people seeking sanctuary are in, and the limits that they face due to having NRPF*.

We are an independent and confidential service for some of the more vulnerable people in our society and communities.

We are also involved in networks with other organisations and are aiming to tackle homelessness wherever it occurs.

We started as a network of individuals from different organisations aiming to tackle homelessness, but also recognising the uniquely difficult situation that people seeking sanctuary can be in, and prioritising support for those who need it the most.

Link to Sharedydd’s Show & Tell at the People Who Share event.