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Repair Cafe Wales

Repair Cafe Wales was founded by Joe O’Mahoney and Cerys Jones in April 2017 to start and support Repair Cafés in Wales. We reduce landfill, teach repairing skills and build local communities in our once a month cafes. Our Repair Cafés are staffed by volunteers and will try to fix anything that is bought to them (though with specialist items, do contact us first!). We also do Fixing Masterclasses, corporate events, and upcycling demonstrations.

Our Repair Cafés are either started by us and handed over to the local community after a few months or started by the local community with our support. We can provide advice and support on everything from social media, insurance, fund-raising, volunteer recruitment and organisation. If you’re thinking of starting a Repair Café, download our free starter pack and give us a shout!

At each event, somewhere between 20 to 50 members of the public bring their damaged or broken household items in for repair. Typical items include electrical goods (speakers, hair dryers, grass trimmers, etc), computers, ornaments, clothes, and upholstery. The repair volunteers then fix (or at least attempt to fix) the items. Sometimes the item owners like to join in and learn what’s going on so they can fix it themselves next time if something similar happens.

Listen to Repair Cafe Cardiff talking on the Seismic Wales podcast here: