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Cardiff Community Energy.

We plan to install and manage community owned renewable energy systems in Cardiff.

We want to speed up the transition to a future where all energy comes from renewable sources. We also want to see a massive increase in community ownership of local energy generation.

Cardiff Community Energy will sell Solar Shares to fund these free installations. This means almost anybody can invest in solar power, even if they can’t have a system installed for themselves. Investors will know they are
actually helping people, opting for a sustainable energy policy, reducing the need for fossil fuels (and nuclear) and are making a lasting beneficial contribution to our communities
and for our children. And, they will also get a good rate of return on their investment!

Cardiff Community Energy limited is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as a Society for Community Benefit. Societies for Community Benefit are non profit making but share holders can be paid interest on their investment at a level high enough to attract investment. Our six directors give their time voluntarily.

We aim to be open, transparent and democratic, and we’ll operate on a one-member-one-vote basis.