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Imagine Together ~ Community Celebration

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Play • Imagine • Explore

An afternoon of learning, connecting, and imagining together

We are inviting you to take part to:

  • learn from each other
  • find out about what’s happening locally
  • connect with people and projects
  • imagine tomorrow
  • enjoy food together
  • share through our book exchange


4pm – Doors open

Tea, coffee, snacks and cake will be available, bring a reusable cup if you wish. Also, bring a book to swap in our BOOK EXCHANGE. There will also be music, we are going to ask you to name your favourite songs, then we will play them!

We will also be bringing our giant map of the city. We’d love to hear about all the amazing community groups and sharing things happening where you live and work. We will then add them to the directory we are creating.

4.15pm – Introduction to Share Cardiff. Who we are, what we do and why, plus intro to the event – what will we ‘Imagine Together’?


We are delighted that John Manders will be joining us to share the story of the journey to make the thriving community space at The Old Library, Splott.

We want to open a space for people to share info about things happening locally. There will be a time for 1 minute spotlight talks for anyone who’d like to plug something they are involved with. We will see what happens in the moment when we are together to see how this takes shape.


4.30 – 5.10pm

Option 1 – Kindness Matters – Compassion Circle

Come and take some time out from doing to join a listening circle where you are provided with the opportunity to think about, explore and share how you experience and show compassion both to yourself and your community. Kind Cardiff is a collective of Cardiff residents who want to make Cardiff a kinder, more compassionate city. They believe that whatever the problem relationships are the answer. Their mission is to notice, take time to listen, give something of ourselves and connect. Facilitated by Cheryl Chapman and Suzanne Phillips.

Option 2 – Play Wales – Play Streets

There was a time when it was accepted that children, once they were old enough played outside and ranged within their neighbourhood freely.  There is now a common perception that children can no longer play out independently and that they need to be transported or accompanied by adults once they leave their home.  The lack of opportunity to play out and range has an impact on children’s health and well-being – both mentally and physically – and their resourcefulness and resilience. Play Wales supports initiatives that reclaim the streets and neighbourhoods for children to be able to range and play.  We recently worked with Cardiff Council to develop and implement resident led street play projects as part of its Unicef Child-Friendly City initiative.   

Street play projects are low-cost and easy to implement, but they require good promotion and support ‘on the ground’ for residents.  This presentation will:

  • Discuss the international and national policy context
  • Report on Cardiff Council’s street play pilot
  • Share ways to support street play on the ground

Facilitated by Marianne Mannello, Assistant Director, Play Wales

5.30 – 6.10pm

Artefacts from the Future – Story-making Circle

A writing activity to imagine what our shared future looks and feels like. Facilitated by Sally Hughes, Collaborator, Share Cardiff


Orchard Cardiff

Arwain – The Things Network


6.50pm Closing Circle

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Disclaimer: Share Cardiff is a community project powered by love and lots and lots of volunteer time. We will do our best to deliver what we say here, but you know what life is like. We are grateful to the folks who have contributed to making this event, especially for their time on a Saturday. It is going to be a lovely day for sharing and being together. Let’s enjoy each other.

Watch Rob Hopkins’ video about a better tomorrow below.
Read Sally Hughes’ story of a better tomorrow here.
Add your own vision of a better tomorrow here.